Time and Attendance System

Time & Attendance System collects attendance data, manages employee transactions, and organizes data for processing by HR and Admin departments or organization’s internal business applications such as ERP or Payroll systems. Using the system organizations can define shifts and manage employee clock-ins and clock-outs based on the respective shifts.

The system consists of modules to track planned and unplanned absences, late arrivals, early leaves and their approval process based on reasons or employee feedback if applicable.

Dashboard Interfaces

The system includes a user friendly interface with many features such as a module for defining organization structure, employee types, employee groups, calendars, overtime policy, alerts requirement, notifications on events, tracking attendance location, handle short leaves, employee self-service request process, employee communication module and more. Many useful reports for administrators and supervisors are accessible through an easy-to-use dashboard interface.

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Offers transparency and control over the employee data associated with departments based on user privileges.

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