Solve oil & gas scheduling challenges: maximize productivity, minimize costs.

Now more then ever, oil & gas organizations must find solutions to current industry challenges. Oil & Gas operations planners face challenges when trying to create an optimal schedule that meets organizational targets and KPIs. With OptiOil, we help you address the following scheduling challenges:

OptiOil Solution Benefits

  • Computes the likely optimal path within minutes.
  • In practice, a close to optimal solution with lower computational expenditure and rapid completion is more useful
  • OptiOil uses the heuristic method to be a dynamic and rapid decision support tool for organizations.
  • Rather than using the manual method, which computes scenario’s in days, or the exact method which could take hours, OptiOil can compute  every single scenario, cost, production, resources, constraints and others in a matter of minutes.
  • Since time is saved on computation and an optimized schedule is generated in minutes, production and efficiency increases
  • Dashboard can be easily accessed through smartphone, PC, or tablet
  • Due to its easy access and algorithm capabilities, teams can communicate easily and solve challenges quickly.

GDI & OptiOil

For more than 35 years, Gulf Data International (GDI) has worked in partnership with customers and peers to deliver cutting-edge technologies that solve complex problems. OptiOil has been developed by specialists in agent based systems, computer vision, and spatial modelling to support the oil & gas industry. Explore how OptiOil technology can transform your business today.