Opes Software

 Opes Software is a global provider of financial services and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Their solutions help investment managers and fund administrators simplify many tasks in today’s international markets.

Streamlining Financial Process

Opes is a significant player in the financial and ERP software industries and has grown through:

  • Acquisition of a well-regarded software firm, bringing clients the benefit of a larger range of solutions and services.
  • Recruitment of seasoned industry professionals experts/leaders
  • Re-investment of cash flows into research and development, new services and infrastructures to support clients and their objectives.

Fire-FATCA Reporting

The Opes FIRE solution is a fully integrated suite of tools and intelligence which enables financial institutions to easily manage and comply with FATCA requirements.

FIRE electronically searches through all client data, automatically identifying those that are subject to FATCA regulations, and then provides you with remediation steps for each account. The integrated rules engine combined with a complementing workflow manager which enables you to expedite the review process and mitigate manual errors.

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