Increase Efficiency and Productivity with Advanced Oil & Gas Solutions

GDI has extensive experience empowering the Oil & Gas Industry. We offer advanced solutions that drastically increase efficiency and productivity such as Actenum’s, DSO’s Upstream and DSO Maintenance. DSO Upstream can rapidly generate and assess multiple schedule scenarios and select the optimal alternative. While DSO/Maintenance enables you to collaborate with your colleagues rapidly and effectively so that you can rapidly generate and assess multiple schedule scenarios, and select the optimal alternative.

Actenum Solution

  • Offers complete solutions for developing and managing optimized maintenance schedules.
  • Allows for automatically schedule maintenance at exactly the right time.
  • Helps you use your expertise to fine tune results.
  • Evaluates scenarios and perform “what if?” analysis.

You can rapidly find answers to questions like:

  • Can we maintain production targets with fewer maintenance resources?
  • Can we arrange maintenance activities in a way that reduces overall downtime?
  • How much more uptime (and production) could be achieved by adding more crew resources?
  • What can we do to minimize production loss when a breakdown occurs in one area?
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