Certified Network Security Solution:

Easy to Deploy with Cutting Edge Performance

Security solution range with the most advanced security features to protect communications in sensitive environments


Fast and simple:

a cost effective server network solution

  • Plug and Play Design
  • Easy implementation both in terms of installation and day-to-day operation
  • Cost reductions both in the implementation and running of security solution

The solution features a toolset geared to automate all customization, implementation and configuration processes. Installation in situ requires no prior knowledge of security, nor any special skills. Combining these functionalities with the centralized administration provided by the administration station, VPN deployments are very straightforward. No training is required for managers on regional sites, since everything can be administered from a central point, giving you total peace of mind

Focus on High Security level & Certifications

Offering effective protection against the risks associated with industrial espionage and intrusion to IT infrastructures. For total security, we offer a solution that uses a hardware cryptographic resource that is Common Criteria EAL4 + certified and reinforced qualified by ANSSI. The solution supports Civil and defence environments as it has a high standard of encryption, a battle proof system already used by NATO and many national authorities.

GDI & Network Security

For more than 35 years, Gulf Data International (GDI) has empowered businesses across the MENA region by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies that automate and streamline different processes in their business. Explore how Network Security can secure and protect your business today.