A reliable and strong digital identity framework allows citizens and businesses to authenticate, identify, and operate in an efficient and safe online environment.

IdentifyME App

Experience various digital identification software for digital onboarding with the IdentfyME App.

  • Works on all devices using iOS, Android or any webcams/desktop World-leading NIST/iBeta Certified Liveness Detection
  • The only vendor with $100,000 Spoof bounty Program
  • Universal, intuitive, internationally friendly interface
  • 3D Face to Photo ID Match for KYC/Onboarding, 1/500,000 FAR
  • Match 1:1 & 1:N at a 1/12.8 Million FAR
  • Password Replacement, Step-up & Account Recovery
  • Millions of global users from Citi, BBVA, VW & more
  • Anonymous Age Estimation with each Liveness Check
  • Can’t Be Phished From Users
  • Aren’t a Biometric Honeypot
  • Does not require advanced hardware to be purchased 
  • Certified Liveness detection in 2-3 seconds
  • Works in real world lighting conditions
  • Great with glasses, makeup and beards
  • World’s Best 3D Face Matching: 1/125M FAR @ <1% FRR

Attack Vectors include:

  • 2D paper photos & digital images

  • High resolution videos

  • Paper masks with eye & mouth cutouts

  • Hollywood masks, wax figures & lifelike dolls

  • Photos or video frames animated into avatars

  • Video projections on 3D heads

  • Sleeping users with closed eyes

  • Device Emulators & Virtual Camera programs

  • Impostors, lookalikes & doppelgangers

  • Hardware Video Injection adapters

  • Intuitive UX with auto-classification: Document types are automatically recognized.
  • Privacy and security: Works on-device and doesn’t send document images to servers for processing.
  • Smart image capture: Snaps a clear, high-resolution image of both the document and its owner’s face.
  • Field anonymization if required
  • Document data consistency: Matches the data on both sides of the document, and checks if the extracted information has a valid format.
  • Age verification: Displays a warning message if a person scanning their identity document is below the age limit set by the service provider.

To be added soon.

GDI & IdentifyME

For more than 35 years, Gulf Data International (GDI) has empowered businesses across the MENA region by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies that automate and streamline different processes in their business. Explore how IdentifyME digital identity software can secure and streamline your business today.