GDI offers services and solutions on the CRS & FATCA process for banks and financial institutions. This helps automate the application of international regulatory standards and tasks required by the global financial markets.  The CRS and FATCA are complex regulations and we strongly believe in offering our clients a complete end-to-end solution, including our experience and expertise.

OPES Software

GDI is a Middle East partner for OPES software. The OPES FATCA tool makes determining your FATCA Entity Classification quick and simple. • The OPES FIRE solution is a fully integrated suite of tools and intelligence which enables financial institutions to easily manage and comply with CRS requirements. • FIRE electronically searches through all client data, automatically identifying those that are subject to CRS regulations, and then provides you with remediation steps for each account. • The integrated rules engine combined with a complementing workflow manager enables you to expedite the review process and mitigate manual errors.

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