Easily Protect your Users Digital Identity
from Fraud Attacks
with Frictionless Security
using 3D Face Authentication

It was a pleasure for us to work with gDi on the implementation of this cutting-edge solution, which will enhance the overall experience customers have with us.

Solution Trusted to Provide Over

0 ,000,000

3D Liveness Detection Annually

Easy to Implement, Safe Certified Technology

Solution Benefits:

  • Continuously ensures that the correct user is present by matching them to their ID photo or 3D FaceMap
  • Liveness Checks & Face Matches are easy fast and secure for anyone on any device.
  • During onboarding, a quick video selfie verifies 3D Liveness. 
  • Ongoing Face Authentication checks the new 3D FaceMap to the original from onboarding. 
  • If they match, user is onboarded.

GDI & Face Authentication

For more than 35 years, Gulf Data International (GDI) has empowered businesses across the MENA region by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies that automate and streamline different processes in their business. Learn more about our leading face biometric and liveness detection serviceshere and contact us to explore how we can help protect your dating app users today