Fully Customizable Digital Banking Platform

Digital Banking Platform made simple and easy with comprehensive out-of-the-box functionalities and features to satisfy the digital banking needs of today’s consumer-centric financial institutions.

A True Omnichannel Banking Experience

Internet banking

A real-time service and a consolidated view of a customer’s relationship with the bank. Functionality that enables customers to perform financial activities in a responsive, user friendly and secure environment.

Mobile Banking

A versatile mobile app, covering Android and iPhone devices, which gives customers the convenience of an on-demand service on the move, with the benefit of the latest customer experience technology.

Open Banking

The open APIs management module provided by the NETinfo Digital Banking Platform, in keeping with PSD2. A dedicated administration console allows the central management of accesses and exposed interfaces by the bank.

Digital Wallet

Provided as a separate application or part of the omnichannel platform. It offers additional seamless payment methods including wallet-to-wallet, account-to-wallet, as well as in-store payments via NETinfo’s two-way beacon technology.

Alerts & Notifications

Inform customers on issues, mainly relating to security and their financial status and transactions, through personalised messages delivered through a multitude of channels including SMS, email and push notifications.

Social media banking

Integrate with any social media platform to obtain contact details and enable payments through a secure environment. Deploy marketing campaigns in social media and enable selling through the NETinfo Digital Banking Platform.


Enables the setup of content, workflows and rules for implementing an advanced dialogue system in the omnichannel environment, with the capability to answer customer inquiries and execute payment instructions.

Call center

Integrates with any interactive voice response (IVR) system, so it can be used to manage functionality, content and user authentication.


Offer basic financial services to customers through smart watches and other wearables


Integrates with ATMs to enable cardless cash-out.


Integrates with kiosks to provide a secure banking services developed within the NETinfo solution.

User Benefits

  • Customers can view their consolidated financial status, full account reporting and can personalise their online banking reflecting how they wish to interact with their bank.
  • View their personal accounts and Investment and Insurance products
  • View corporate accounts to which they have access or are signatories
  • Manage their connected accounts, transactions and dashboard widgets
  • Manage their profile
  • Enables all types of fund transfers and payments easily from multiple channels:
  • Between own accounts
  • To local banks
  • International transfers
  • Utility payments
  • Donations
  • Government taxes
  • Unique Open Banking Suite enables banks and financial institutions to open their customer data and services to approved third parties and exploit business opportunities associated with open banking in a controlled and secure (PSD2 compliant) manner. Banks and financial institutions can develop banking as aplatform (BaaP), enabling them to deliver banking as a service (BaaS) solutions to their corporate and retail customers

Other Features

Personal Financial Management (PFM) and Business Financial Management (BFM) are useful tools for customers to review, manage and plan their finances. Users can analyse their spending habits in graphical form, providing an overview to help monitor and manage finances. They can perform full money management, in order to estimate their income and control their expenses, via goal and budgeting tools, and they can set goals and budgets with the help of the Digital Banking Platform.

Customers can tailor their online banking in terms of dashboard, functionality, beneficiaries and generally all aspects of their digital service, reflecting how they wish to interact with their bank. The platform streamlines and digitises bank processes and functionality, delivering outstanding and seamless digital experiences, and removes any friction from the customer journey. It  harnesses IOS and Android-specific technology, including swiping, drag and drop, and fingerprint and face recognition, together with optical character recognition (OCR) where needed in the mobile environment. This offers a smoother, faster and familiar customer experience

The platform streamlines and digitises processes such onboarding and account opening, enabling the online acquisition of new customers and accounts via any channel, delivering outstanding and seamless digital experiences, and removing any friction from the customer journey. It automates the end-to-end process, eliminates paperwork and interfaces with third-party systems including credit identity check institutions or systems, to check credit scores online and collect other financial information on behalf of the applicant and the KYC process. OCR and OS-specific technologies in the mobile environment are offering a smoother, faster and familiar customer experience.

This platform can provide corporate customers with sophisticated digital tools for everyday financial activities. A broad range of corporate functionality can be provided including trade finance, cash management, trading and mass payments facilities, supported by the in-built business logic of the solution. This capability enables you to create access rights and levels, limits, tailored workflows, charges and fees calculation, complex validations and much more. A corporate administration portal can be provided as a distinct service for corporate customers, enabling self-administration to create an organisational environment.

The platform provides banks with several self-service capabilities to add new functionality and services. The dynamic pages feature enables banks to design and publish their own services to any channel or customer group without the need for vendor assistance or extensive IT resources. In addition, it can define payment templates for all types of transfers, or for third-party organisations, and set-up their parameters.

The digital banking platform incorporates a comprehensive and powerful central administration module. Through easy-to-navigate menus and screens, the administration module enables the bank to parametrically set-up the entire omnichannel environment and subsequently control and monitor its behaviour. It contains extensive ‘middle-layer business logic’ which enables the development of tailored workflows, charges and fees calculation, complex validations, among other things. Moreover, a state-of-the-art reporting tool enables MIS reporting that covers the study of customer behaviour over the channels.

 Offering a ‘one installation, many banks’ model, giving financial institutions with global presence the ability to control all subsidiaries with a single omnichannel engine installed in one location, in the country of the holding company. Each subsidiary can have its own administration module, with which it can design and control the solution independently, using different themes, profiles, segmentations and functionality depending on each area’s special characteristics, framework and regulations.

 The solution provides the bank with a powerful Authentication Suite that supports multiple authentication methods including biometrics (eg, fingerprint and face recognition), OTP/TAN complying with the PSD2 directive relating to strong customer authentication, delivered through SMS or generated by dedicated mobile app or calculator, security questions and user id/ password/ pins. Through the dedicated administration console, a bank can define parametrically the appropriate authentication method at activity and user levels. In addition, the risk-based authentication mechanism monitors the authenticity of user activity in real-time, evaluates the risk against unauthorised access and prompts the user for the appropriate authentication method as required; the behaviour for this can be set up parametrically from the administration console.

GDI & Digital Banking Platform

For more than 35 years, Gulf Data International (GDI) has empowered business across the MENA region by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies to automate and streamline different process in their business.  We support banks and financial institutes of all sizes across the MENA region, empowering their digital transformation strategies by proving the best digital banking solutions. Explore how our omni-channel digital banking platform can transform your bank today.