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Simplify Hazardous Material Management with our
Comprehensive Solution

Managing hazardous materials can be a complex and costly process, especially for heavily regulated industries. However, our Hazardous Material Management Solution provides technology tools to simplify the complexities of hazardous material management and improve process efficiencies

The Complexities of Hazardous Material Management

Hazardous material management is a challenging and complex process, with compliance requirements posing a significant burden to managers in heavily regulated industries. Compliance is necessary to ensure the safety of workers, the public, and the environment.

The Costs of Excessive Chemical Inventories

Accumulating excessive chemical inventories can lead to greater reporting burden, emergency response planning, hazardous waste disposal, and safety system management. Overspending budgets on chemical purchases can also lead to operational costs.

The Need for a Solution

Implementing technology tools to simplify hazardous material management can reduce compliance burden, reduce waste generation, and increase operational efficiency. Our solution provides a unified information database that all sectors within an organization can access to effectively manage hazardous materials from cradle to grave.
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Technology Tools for Process Efficiency

Our solution achieves greater efficiency and compliance by providing technology tools, such as data and analytics, cloud technology, and SaaS platforms, to access data reliably and quickly. The unified information database reduces costs associated with excessive product purchasing and hazardous waste disposal.
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Chemical Inventory EH&S Technology

Our EH&S technology provides an enterprise software solution for hazardous materials management that achieves effectiveness and efficiencies with the automation of processes. Our experienced technology provider analyzes the organization’s needs and priorities to offer excellent benefits.

Key Elements of Successful EH&S Technology Implementation

To successfully implement EH&S technology, an organization must understand how to use the database, focus on compliance requirements, move to chemical lifecycle monitoring, review purchasing and chemical requisition practices, and align with continued process management for continuity of chemical inventory management across the organization.

Chemical Safety's EMSl EMS

Our Chemical Safety’s EMS is an enterprise-level, cloud-based, Chemical Inventory, and Waste Management System. It provides a comprehensive suite of EH&S software applications designed to simplify hazardous material management while improving process efficiencies. Our solution includes safety data sheets and GHS labeling, chemical inventory management, hazardous waste management, radioisotope inventory management and tracking, workplace safety, incident/accident monitoring, audits and inspections, regulatory compliance, and integrated reporting.

Comprehensive Suite of EH&S Software Applications

Our solution provides a comprehensive suite of EH&S software applications that simplifies hazardous material management and improves process efficiencies. The features and benefits of our solution include: Safety data sheets and GHS labeling
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Radioisotope inventory management and tracking
  • Workplace safety
  • Incident/accident monitoring
  • Audits and inspections
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integrated reporting
  • Experience the Benefits of Our Solution

    Our solution provides an exceptional user experience while providing manageability, security, and agility. By using our solution, organizations can experience the benefits of a streamlined, predictable chemical management program that mitigates the challenges faced by companies and EH&S professionals today.

    Simplify Your Hazardous Material Management Process

    To simplify your hazardous material management process, contact us to learn more about our Hazardous Material Management Solution. Our experienced team will analyze your organization’s needs and priorities to offer excellent benefits that achieve greater efficiency and compliance.
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