Acquiring customers is much more expensive than retaining them.

That is why leading companies invest in building customer loyalty.  Open Loyalty 4.0 is the latest version of the most flexible loyalty software on the market!  Based on extensive expertise from loyalty programs built for retail, banks and utility companies, Open Loyalty 4.0 opens new opportunities to reward customers. This advanced open source solution can easily integrate with your eCommerce or be used as a standalone solution.

What are Open Loyalty’s Advantages?

  • Open Source with Enterprise Licence and support
  • POS Cockpit – no need to integrate app with your POS
  • eCommerce integration
  • Flexibility – to build motivational programs, gamification, simple CRM

What are Open Loyalty 4.0 main benefits?

  • Better performance and scalability – 15 mln. customers or sales picks with 120 transactions per second.
  • Better developers experience – upgrade has made it easier to work with for developers. The barrier to entry for a new coder is lower than ever before.
  • Big data capabilities – with the new BI Cockpit you can easily access and analyze the behavior of loyalty program members. You can truly use the power of omnichannel analytics.
  • Better UX for the members portal – Client Cockpit upgraded with a new PWA application that was used as a base for building the customer-facing portal. Thanks to PWA technology it works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop.

What are Open Loyalty’s latest technology upgrades?

  • Introduced Hexagonal Architecture (split code from bundles into layers).
  • Fixed race conditions on Elasticsearch and Event Store.
  • Added indexed on PostgreSQL tables to speed up queries.
  • Improved overall architecture to introduce Distributed Architecture.
  • Added Logstash for logging.
  • Improved RabbitMQ connections.
  • Speeded up generating dummy data for testing purposes
  •  Asynchronous transactions matching.
  • Added Redis for cache. Added cache for Settings / Language queries.

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