Certified Liveness For KYC Onboarding + 3D Face Matching for Ongoing Authentication

  • Universal Liveness, ID Matching & Age Estimation for +10 Billion Smart Devices & Webcam
  • Ends Identity Theft, UnSharable, UnPhisable & Virtually Spoof-Proof
  • Patented ZoOm-in User Experience Creates a 3D FaceMap with a Video-Selfie

Trusted to protect

User accounts every month

3D Liveness Detection System &

Face Authentication

for Instant Immunity to

Phishing and Data Breaches

Accurately detects a human or spoof artefact
  • Runs on ALL modern devices with Android/iOS or webcams
  • The only iBeta/NIST Level 1 & 2 Certified Spoof-proof against photos & videos
  • Fast, easy & inexpensive to distribute

How it works

  • During a 2-sec session, a real user’s face morphs because of perspective distortion
  • This distortion does not occur with 2D photo or video spoof attempts
  • Proprietary AI processes up 120 video frames & proves user Liveness

  • A 3D FaceMap of the user is created for future authentications from any device
  • Liveness Data is deleted to prevent replay attacks

Liveness Detection Benefits

  • 100% proprietary AI stack of multi-frame, multi-algorithm 3D face authenticationsoftware
  • Liveness Detection accuracy has been tested and approved by Global Partners and by the development and security teams of hundreds of Apps and several Governments
  • Simple to integrate, 3-6MB Device SDKs & Server SDK for any modern Linux instance
  • Proprietary Dynamic Perspective 3D Liveness Detectionfor any smart device with a camera
  • Portable 3D FaceMaps allow seamless device upgrades, no need to re-enroll
  • Based on data from our Partners &Customers, fraudulent account creation accounts for

GDI & Biometric Authentication

For more than 35 years, Gulf Data International (GDI) has empowered businesses across the MENA region by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies that automate and streamline different processes in their business. Learn more about why Biometric technology is necessary to protect your data here. Explore how 3D Biometric Authentication technology can transform your business today.